Summer Camps 

North York 2024



Are you a dancer who is looking for more of a challenge?

Take your dance training to the next level! Master your technical skills, style and artistry!  Intensives offer a concentrated period of training, allowing dancers to immerse themselves fully in their craft without the distractions of regular academic commitments. These programs often feature renowned instructors, providing invaluable exposure to different styles and techniques while nurturing artistic growth. Additionally, the intensive environment fosters camaraderie among participants, creating a supportive community of like-minded individuals passionate about dance. Summer intensives also offer opportunities for dancers to refine their skills, push personal boundaries, and gain performance experience, ultimately contributing to their overall development as dancers. The intensives are perfect for any student who has had 3 years of dance experience, or is currently on or aspiring to be on our competitive team. Junior Intensive and Impulse Intensives are mandatory for the competitive team and Youth Ensemble.

CDM Intensives are 4 days long and run from 10am to 3pm. Take a break from making lunch every day! Lunch is included daily! Dancers should bring their own water bottle and snacks.