Parent & Tots Program (24-36 months)


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Parent & Tots Program (24-36 months)

The structure of a Parent & Tots dance class includes a combination of group activities, games, and songs that are specifically designed to enhance the child's gross motor skills and sensory awareness. 

During a Parent & Tots dance class, the child and parent or caregiver are encouraged to participate together. This may involve holding hands, following simple dance steps, and engaging in movement activities that promote bonding and communication between the two. The focus of these classes is on building a love of dance and movement, rather than strict technical training.

Overall, a Parent & Tots dance program is a great way for young children to develop their coordination and balance, while also building social skills and having fun with their parent or caregiver in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Schedule & Fees


Please note that the Parent & Tot Program does not offer the year-end recital option.


Parent & Tot Creative Dance

  • Saturday 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

Tuition: $250 + HST 

Other Fees (not included): Dance attire (leotard, tights, shoes, etc.), hair accessories (hairnets, pins, etc.)


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