Prepping Your Child’s Dance Bag For Class

Children may be excited and ready to make it to dance class, but they need to be prepared. As a parent, that job usually falls to you, at least until they get a sense of routine and expectations. First-time students especially need to make sure they’ve packed the right items for dance class so as to be ready for anything. As a parent, you can help your child get in the habit of bringing the right gear to every dance class, so they can be at their best. It’s not always just about attire, either. In fact, some of the best things to pack in a child’s dance bag may be new concepts, but you’re about to learn what they are. First step – read your studio’s dress code and grooming policies which is usually included in the studio’s handbook. Make sure you have all of the required dancewear items and dance shoes purchased as requested for the dress code at your dance studio.