Christina Digiuseppe

Competitive Program Coordinator, contemporary, Contemporary, Dance Teacher, Jazz

Christina is a passionate dance artist and choreographer who is inspired by the exploration of the creative process. With her extensive training across North America as well as over 12 years of choreographing, and teaching experience, her philosophy and ultimate goal is to assist dancers in finding their true authentic selves as artists as well as individuals. Christina has self-produced numerous dance productions in Toronto, Canada such as “The Love Project”, “The Infinite Continuum”, as well as her most recently produced show “The House of Heartbreak”.

Christina was recently chosen as a 2015 Capezio Ace awards finalist. She has also been awarded with the Choreographer’s Connection Grant by Regional Dance America where she had the honor of working alongside Miss Nelly Van Bommel as an emerging artist. Christina has had the privilege of sharing her passion and artistry with Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, The Ohio Canton Ballet, Sears Canada, Benson & Hedges, Toronto’s Bazaar, Fever After Dark, and Toronto Choreographer’s Ball, just to name a few. Christina is dedicated to sharing her love for Dance Arts education with youth.

She is an instructor, choreographer and adjudicator for performing Arts schools and dance studios across Canada. She considers herself a life-long student continuously seeking out new ways to expand as an artist and develop a new found appreciation for her craft.