Madila Caushi

Music Teacher, Piano, Voice

Madila is a classical singer, vocal coach, piano teacher, and voice-over. When she was a little girl she was involved in different dance courses like modern, traditional dance, classic ballet, and dancesport in which she has won two First prices in Latin dances. She has finished Artistic High School, Bachelor and Master Degree in the faculty of Music in the University of Arts as a classical singer. During her career, she has been part of different music events, competitions, and music projects like, The Voice, Conductor of a Guinness World Record ‘’Cup Song 2017’’, Winner Project of the Ministry of Culture of Albania called ‘’Socialization through Art’’ and other music events. Madila says that music is fundamental to her being and she believes that it is integral to the education of any person.

Madila has 5 years of experience teaching, her students have won first prizes in different competitions and she is ready to give her best in singing lessons and piano lessons.