Top 5 Piano Instagrammers to Follow

Written by Megan Yim, Piano Instructor and Music Program Supervisor

Staying indoors is tough, and sometimes, the last thing you might want to do is practice piano.  Being home all day means that you pass by the instrument at least 3 times a day; each time avoiding eye contact with it. Yet, this is actually the best time to brush up on your skills. Think about it, you’ve saved on commute time to and from work or school, there are less distractions with social gatherings being cancelled, and you can practice at any hour of the day now (well, just don’t wake anyone up!). 

If you’re ever feeling uninspired, unmotivated or just have low energy to practice your music, have no fear! The internet is here! These are 5 of my favourite piano Instagrammers to follow right now.  They keep me on the edge of my seat!

Born in Hong Kong, Tiffany lives in the States pursuing a full time career as a professional pianist.  She is most well-known from her YouTube channel, where she makes vlogs of her day-to-day practice routine, getting ready for performances, and giving advice to passionate artists like yourself.

Run by his mom, Zev is an 11 year old pianist living in London, England.  At such a young age, Zev has already accomplished so much! He has received multiple distinctions and medals from various festivals in Europe and around the world. Zev is a great inspiration to us practicing musicians showing his progress in working through pieces on his socials. The process is truly the most important part of any journey.

This young Canadian protégé is a true inspiration for any musician of any caliber.  Chelsea is a thriving and undeniably talented violinist and pianist. Follow Chelsea on her journey to becoming a dual musician as her parents document her daily practice habits, different stages in her learning, and her adventures with classical music. Not only is Chelsea talented, but she makes learning fun.

Like you, Rhea is practicing social distancing at-home.  Every day, her mom posts stories of her at home practicing piano. Recently, Rhea started to take her piano lessons online too! Rhea has participated in many international piano competitions and at age 8, has already given her first solo recital!

Patrick is a great inspiration for technique. With excellent form, he sets a great example on the Internet for any aspiring pianist to properly exercise their fingers without injury and creating the best sound possible. Fun fact: Patrick also plays the accordion.

There is a whole world of inspirational musicians out there. While we have this time at home, I encourage you to explore and follow some of these young individuals for tips, insights and to keep up your motivation.

Megan Yim, Piano Instructor and Music Program Supervisor