7 Great Benefits Of Private Music Lesson

Children are little sponges who soak up information from almost every conceivable source, which is why it’s important to expose them to positive influences from an early age. Music has always been linked to beneficial results for children, which is why so many parents are keen to enroll them in lessons.

Private music lessons are advantageous for children who want to get a head start on their futures. The benefits extend far beyond simply learning an instrument. They also offer ancillary benefits. Here are some positive outcomes of taking private music lessons starting at a young age.



The studies are in, and difficult to argue. Music lessons can have significant benefits for a child’s intellectual quotient, and it’s important to nurture this early on. In fact, many children experience an IQ boost within just a few weeks of beginning music lessons.

Having a private tutor can help speed up the process by allowing teachers to focus on just one student, and dedicate all their attention. This helps kids get a head start on their intellectual journey.



It’s no secret that children thrive in a disciplined environment with expectations that must be met. It is important to have a regimented lifestyle for children at a young age to build self discipline and independence. Children can learn the value of discipline in a positive way through private music lessons.

Not only will a child be expected to stick with their lessons for the long haul and develop their skills, but they’ll also be mentored and encouraged by a teacher who has their best interests at heart. Discipline is not a four-letter word, and the more positive structure and responsibilities placed on children, the greater the rewards throughout their entire lifetime. 



Private music lessons offer a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about culture, which expands their intellectual horizons. Children will be expected to learn more than just basic tuneage; they’ll also be expected to tackle complex material as their skills increase.

Embracing musical roots is a great way for kids to develop an open mind, and see things from a different perspective. There’s so much music out there for kids to discover, and private music lessons offer a chance for kids to learn the background of the compositions while building technical skills. 



Learning any form of music is a daunting, albeit exciting task. Kids are hardwired to pick up and develop new feats much faster than adults, which is why they’re in a prime position to enhance their motor skills and precision in a short space of time.

Learning an instrument requires a student to have proper form. This means maintaining good posture, agile fingers, and sometimes coordinating with the feet. Also, following along with the music score requires the student to multitask by achieving proper form, and playing the music accurately. 



Children who are well-versed in music tend to perform better at everything from school tests, to standardized tests and high school GPA averages. Starting kids off with private music lessons early on can prepare them for what’s to come, even as it pertains to non-musical criteria.



Having a positive mindset is one thing, but every child needs to learn how to think technically as well. Music is a combination of artistic expression and technical skill. As a result, students will receive a well rounded education.



Perhaps the most important facet of private music lessons is how they can impact your child’s health and well-being. A teacher dedicating their time to a single student can be a strong influence on their lives. Earning the teacher’s praise through hard work can make kids feel great, and boost their confidence as they grow up.

The end goal, of course, is to foster independence and a sense of personal satisfaction from a job well done. This can have ripple effects that extend far beyond just learning a new instrument, or a new piece of music theory. It can prepare them for their career, family building, and so much more.



CDM Dance and Music understands the importance of private music lessons, and how they can gift your child with an amazing set of skills that will propel them into adulthood, and beyond. For questions regarding our music lessons, we invite you to contact us directly so that we can learn more about your child’s enthusiasm for music, and what they would like to accomplish.