All You Need To Know About Online Music Classes

Until Covid-19 is brought under control, CDM will continue to offer online classes to all of our students in order to keep them active, in practice and (most of all) enthusiastic. These are hard times, but the benefits of being able to keep up with classes while maintaining relationships with instructors yields positive benefits and better mental health for students.

CDM is currently offering online dance classes, but we are also offering online music classes as well. Both present their own set of challenges and rewards, but there’s a few things about online music classes that parents and students should be aware of. We invite you to read along to learn how we’re handling these classes, and optimizing them for your child’s enjoyment.


Since virtual classes require the use of a computer or another tech device with streaming capabilities, we are using ZOOM conferencing as our main teaching platform. The service is free, and requires the simple download of an app onto your computer, smartphone or tablet. Keep in mind that two-way video/audio communication will be engaged through ZOOM, so we encourage parents and students to make sure that their learning area is free from noise, distraction, and adequately lit. It’s also a good idea to do a test run to make sure that the camera and microphone are working properly. This can be done by ZOOM calling a friend or family member who also has the app. Once troubleshooting is out of the way, students are ready to go!


Since virtual learning involves the real-time use of instruments, it’s important to make sure your space is properly set up. If you require the use of a tripod or similar piece of equipment, make sure to take care of this beforehand. If you aren’t sure what is required for your space, we invite you to send us a few pictures of your space so that we can pinpoint exactly what’s needed to get up to speed. This is a one-time affair that guarantees your child will be ready for all the lessons that follow.


CDM will help students get set up with appropriate training materials before each lesson starts. This includes downloadable sheet music and other materials that can be sent through Email for easy print or reference on a tablet or other smart device. Music theory is also offered. This takes care of lesson content, but what about instruments themselves? Parents can always find instruments from online music retailers that sell and ship instruments right to your door, or prepare them for curbside pickup. Similarly, Amazon is also in the business of offering musical instruments from third party companies, so be sure to check their stock.


It’s important to note that the sudden shift to online virtual learning due to Covid-19 has been difficult on many students, but it’s also been a boon for others. The alternative to virtual classes is none at all, and that does not bode well for students who are already feeling isolated from their peers and friends. Virtual classes help maintain a bond between teacher and student, while allowing them to fall into something they love. It can help take them out of their day and lift their spirits, especially as they continue to grow and master their instrument.

Our teachers realize the importance of this, and they’ve been trained to adhere to a strict set of standards to keep students on track, without distraction. Kids excel and thrive on positive discipline, and any avenue towards their self-empowerment is a plus. Different students will take to virtual classes in different ways, but it’s our goal to identify any who might be stumbling, and help get them back on track, and smiling again.

For more information on enrolling your child through CDM’s online music classes, we invite you to contact us today! We’d love to hear about your child’s musical passions, and help them achieve (and exceed) their potential!