Jazz dancing is both challenging and highly rewarding. It imbues dancers with a variety of benefits that carry over into all aspects of their performance, even across many different styles. The key trademarks of jazz dancing include elaborate footwork, high-energy leaps and dramatic moves that are reminiscent of styles like ballet.

Children can benefit from picking up jazz dancing and perfecting their skills, as well. In fact, kids who pursue jazz dancing might be able to get a leg up on the competition, thanks in large part to the health benefits of the style.




Jazz usually conjures up images of the music genre itself, but jazz dancing is surprisingly different. Dancers can gain a large amount of flexibility by practicing jazz dancing, particularly due to how the style works out the lower back and leg muscles, with sharp, grounding movement. By practicing and perfecting various moves, dancers gain flexibility and increased range of motion, which is an absolute necessity.





Jazz dancing requires students to hone and perfect a series of complex, choreographed moves, which is highly beneficial for developin

g enhanced coordination. The lower and upper body must learn to act in sequence, while also contrasting at key moments. By learning how to leverage this technique, dancers will be able to pull off highly complex moves not just related to jazz dancing, but other forms of dance as well.





The more rigorousan exercise is, the greater a person’s endurance will build over time. Jazz dancing is highly energetic, and dancers will have to let loose and embrace their emotions in order to pull off many challenging moves. This in turn puts the body through its paces, raising cardiovascular endurance and stamina to greater levels. The more a child practices jazz dancing, the more resilient and prepared they’ll be to go the distance.







Stamina is one thing, but it won’t go very far without the power necessary to back it up. Jazz dancing challenges everything from leg strength, to the body’s core, and even limb and arm strength. It’s almost a full-body workout from head to toe, and that can help burn calories, build muscle, and tone up the body to an entirely new degree. An increase in strength allows children to achieve physical fitness, while preparing them for more challenging dance styles and moves in the future.





Exercise is a natural stress reliever all by itself, but when married to the artistry of dance, it becomes even more rewarding. Contrary to popular belief, kids deal with stress too, which means it’s important for them to have a healthy outlet. Jazz dance is fun, upbeat and positive, which means kids get to show off their moves, express their personality, and let the good times roll all at once. Children love to have fun, and giving them an enjoyable and exciting outlet can make the next day even better than the one that preceded it.






While all dance styles yield benefits, jazz dancing goes above the call of duty. It’s a wild, free and fun form of dance that encourages kids to get moving, express what they’re feeling, and dazzle their instructors (and the crowd) at the same time.

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