Children thrive when they engage in activities that are physical, especially when there’s a chance to build their social skills with others of their own age group. Dance classes are a great way for kids to get together and interact, while learning the art of dance. 

Besides the obvious team-building and social exercises, children will also get to demonstrate their own prowess for dancing through practice. This can lead to a sense of accomplishment, which is a reward unto itself. Read on to learn more about how dance classes can help boost your child’s mental health and overall happiness.



Children need to be put into situations where they engage and communicate with others, and this is part of their natural growth process. Dance classes allow kids to be part of something larger than just themselves, and the camaraderie between students can be extremely uplifting. New friendships will be made, some of which may last a lifetime. Beyond that, kids will gain a lot of confidence by understanding where they fit inside of a group dynamic.



It’s a mistake to think that children are immune to things like anxiety and stress. They’re only human, which means their mental health can be affected by their daily experiences, and the world around them. Dance classes allow kids to deal with those emotions in a positive, safe and healthy environment. Part of this has to do with self-expression, while another has to do with the body producing natural chemicals, such as endorphins, which can boost a child’s mental well-being. Meanwhile, their bodies will strengthen, their stamina levels will increase, and their coordination skills will leap forward in paradigm shifts. It’s a win, all around.



First-time students probably won’t understand all the complexities and steps that go into a dance routine, and that’s actually a good thing. The more a child’s expectations are surpassed, the more inspired they may be to get their own creative juices flowing. Dance is a creative form of art, and that can boost their mental health by encouraging their minds to expand and become open to new possibilities. The creativity of dance can inspire students as they move forward in life, not just when it comes to the art, but to other scenarios where that creativity can pay off. Art plays a vital role in expanding a child’s intellectualism, and that will pay dividends if they happen to be the creative type.



Dance is a very expressive form of art, and your child may not yet fully understand the benefits of that system. Human beings have an innate need to express themselves. It’s important that kids participate in a non-judgmental and encouraging environment if they wish to tap into their inner selves, and project their thoughts and feelings onto the stage. Dance instructors are also there to nurture that self-expression, and kids will reap the benefits of feeling confident enough to show the world who they are, and what they’re made of.



Contrary to popular belief, human beings are far from happy when they embrace a do-not-care, anything-goes attitude. While it’s important to be spontaneous in life, the truth is that human beings, especially children, value structure and routine. There’s nothing boring or monotonous about it, and kids can benefit by embracing healthy habits to complement the adventures of life.

For instance, dance routines will teach children the importance of rudiments, practice and persistence, while healthy eating habits will extend far beyond their dance classes. The same goes for listening skills, personal responsibility, and the ability to work together as a team. Dance classes can improve a child’s mental health through a combination of mental, physical and social skills, all of which will be refined as they move forward through their lesson plan. 



Dance is one of the healthiest and most uplifting forms of expressive art. It challenges both the mind, and the body, and kids need to take care of both if they wish to grow into happy, healthy adults. Thankfully, the art of dance makes it easy to get there, and your child will soon find they can’t get enough.

Plus, it’s just plain fun! Kids love to get excited, which spurs them to expend that seemingly never-ending surplus of energy. When it’s directed the right way, and in a constructive manner, dance classes can help uplift your child’s spirit, and sense of well-being. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in dance classes, we’d like to hear from you! Contact CDM Dance & Music today, so that our instructors and staff can welcome your child to a fun and friendly environment.