Jazz is a high energy Broadway dance form focusing on technique, style, flexibility, and coordination. These skills are developed within our class structure through warm-up exercises and progressions incorporating kicks, jumps, and turns. Students dance to up-tempo music, while expression and style through dynamic movement are encouraged in combinations and Jazz dance routines.

Lyrical Jazz, (or just “Lyrical”) is a more fluid form of Jazz dance featuring sustained and controlled movements, with the elegance and grace of Ballet. Lyrics of modern-day ballads are expressed through dramatic and expressive movements, perfect for developing artistic and expressive sensibilities, while demanding strong technique and a background in Ballet. To excel in Jazz, students are encouraged to train concurrently in Ballet.

Who is it for

Jazz dance classes are available for all ages, beginning at 3 years old.

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Leslie Cheng-Ainsworth

Dance Teacher (Preschool Dance, Jazz & Acro)

Claude Labuschagne

Dance Teacher (Contemporary, Jazz, Tap)

Victoria Marshman

Dance Teacher (Acro, Jazz, Lyrical)

Taryn Na

Dance Teacher (Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet)

Avery Dupuis

Dance Teacher (Jazz, Acro, Tap, Musical Theatre, AAPP)

Christina Digiuseppe

Dance Teacher (Contemporary & Jazz Competitive)

Rachel Giles

Dance Teacher (Jazz, Acro, Preschool Ballet)


Fees vary depending on the type of class being offered, the age of student participants, and whether classes are comprised of a full program or a drop-in class. Please check our Registration section for more info.

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