Preschool Age Dance

With children’s innate response to music and movement, our classes at CDM Dance & Music help develop coordination, balance, musicality & movement through storytelling. Music & Dance classes include an intro to music and rhythm. Students 5 years old and up build their listening skills, self-discipline & socialization skills, which can help pave the way for future success throughout life. During the following preschool years, technique, musicality & class expectations become more sophisticated as children mature. Examinations are offered at the Pre-Primary Ballet level, and higher for dance classes.

Our new age-specific training programs have been designed to provide children with the opportunity to explore a variety of dance styles, while training to become more versatile dancers that are prepared for any future transition in dance. Our programs also keep the busy schedules of parents in mind, with both weekend and weekday class offerings where possible. We also offer convenient class schedules on the same day to suit a wide array of schedules

Who is it for

Preschool Age classes are available for all ages, beginning at 2.5 years old.

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Leslie Cheng-Ainsworth

Dance Teacher (Preschool Dance, Jazz & Acro)

Rachel Giles

Dance Teacher (Jazz, Acro, Preschool Ballet)


Fees vary depending on the type of class being offered, the age of student participants, and whether classes are comprised of a full program or a drop-in class. Please check our Registration section for more info.

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