The Benefits of Ballet Class For Your Child

Ballet is an art form with hundreds of years of tradition and culture. It’s a dance form celebrated around the world for its elegance and grace. More than that, it’s something that can greatly benefit your child.

Ballet class for children is an excellent way to promote childhood development. More than just a fun activity, learning ballet is a way to instill children with positive characteristics that will stay with them as they grow. Taken regularly, ballet class can help children develop skills that have the potential of shaping their adult identities.

If your immediate concern is that your child is too young for ballet class, you can breathe easy. CDM Dance & Music offers ballet classes that cater to children aged 5 to 7, and even have pre-ballet classes such as Creative Dance for even younger children. Learning ballet is well suited for young children, and is ideal for these ages.

Use this straightforward primer to learn about all the benefits of ballet class for your child:


1. Promotes Discipline

Any parent will tell you that getting a child to sit still is an impossible task. We’re not going to disagree, but we will say that there are ways to promote discipline in children—for which learning ballet is simply excellent.

As with other skills, ballet improvement requires time and practice. For a ballet student, this means repetitive drilling and constant rehearsing, and to accomplish these things, ballet students need to be focused and pay attention. Over time, ballet students that undergo regular practice will develop discipline as a result of their training. In this way, they will learn the important life lesson that hard work eventually pays off.

It takes patience and effort, but ballet classes are great for developing discipline in children. 


2. Promotes Self-Confidence

In trying to get children to succeed, a common parenting technique is to provide lavish praise as a way to encourage them. However, as effective as this may be in the short term, children will suffer under this tactic if they become dependent on the praise of other people. To combat this, parents need to provide children with opportunities where they can succeed on their own terms and build their self-confidence naturally.

This is something that ballet classes are excellent at providing. Ballet classes set goals that allow children to accomplish on their own merits. To succeed, ballet students need to work hard through regular practice. In this way, children become responsible for their own success, and can build self-confidence naturally. 

Ballet classes are a great way to coax children out of their comfort zones, and challenge them to achieve things that they never thought were possible.


3. Builds Communication Skills

During these formative years, young children are busy learning all types of new skills for which  communication and language are a top priority. But while learning a new language for an adult is easier from the context of familiar references, children don’t have this luxury. For a child, learning communication skills can be especially difficult when everything is new for the first time.

With ballet class, children get a chance to familiarize themselves in a stable environment where they perform familiar movements. Here, an instructor is constantly communicating with them, giving them directions to follow and suggestions for improvement. What’s more, ballet class is full of commonly repeated dance-related words, making for a great opportunity to build your child’s vocabulary.

Through the constant back-and-forth with the instructor, your child will quickly develop their communication skills during ballet class.


4. Builds Social Skills

Making friends is always easier when shared interests are involved. With ballet class and a classful of students, your child will have lots of opportunities to make friends. 

As well, the experience goes deeper than that. Besides shared interests, ballet students also have shared experiences. Together, they go through adversity, make breakthroughs, and complete performances. In this tight knit group, your child will develop their social skills with like-minded people that are similarly goal-minded and ambitious. 

Sign your child up for ballet class, and see how it helps them get along with other children and build their social skills.


5. Promotes Exercise

It’s unfortunate, but young children are not getting the exercise they need. Instead of exploring the great outdoors, it has been common for young children to live sedentary lives in front of the computer or television.

Ballet class will fix all of that. By learning ballet, children will develop their flexibility, strength, and posture. They will learn practiced movements that will improve their poise, and encourage elegance. Ballet challenges children to test the limits of their bodies, and help improve fundamental skills that pave the way for more finessed skills.

At CDM Dance & Music, we offer ballet dance classes for children of all ages. Learn more by visiting our website, or read our blog about the benefits of music and dancing for preschoolers.