When to Start Ballet Classes for My Child?

Rooted in technique and the basic fundamentals, ballet is an excellent starting point for any beginning dancer. As eager as some ambitious parents may be, they may try to get their children involved prematurely in ballet programs.

Parents may have the best motivations for their children, but when it comes to the right age to start ballet lessons, this is something that simply can’t be rushed.


What is the ideal age to start ballet lessons?

In most cases, children shouldn’t be introduced to formal ballet training until the age of 6. It’s at that age when a children’s bone structure and muscles are mature enough to handle the physical demands of ballet. In fact, it is actually possible for children to miss their ideal age and delay their ballet training until the age of 10 and still perform admirably.

At CDM Dance & Music, we offer an extensive lineup of ballet classes to cater to different age groups and needs. Our formal ballet classes begin with Primary Ballet for dancers at the age of 6. Incorporating both classical ballet and free movement, this class uses the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD Syllabus) that is internationally standardized in 92 countries. 


Preparatory Classes

As ballet is a demanding dance style, parents can help their children become ready for ballet lessons. We offer ballet preparatory classes where kids can start dancing at age 3:

  • Kinder Dance Combo (3-4 yrs): This pre-ballet class serves as an introduction to ballet, jazz, and acro movement dance styles. This class gives very young dancers with short attention spans an opportunity to explore movement through music, and use body actions to communicate their emotions and  feelings.
  • Pre-Primary Ballet (5 yrs): This class gives aspiring dancers an early taste of ballet class, but adjusted for early adoptees. As with Primary Ballet, this basic ballet class teaches content taken from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD Syllabus).


Graded Classes

Starting with Primary Ballet, CDM offers full ballet lessons. With our dance lessons, students can grow their ballet skills by taking a progressive series of methodical ballet courses. Students interested in Ballet Examinations or Class Awards (by invitation and optional) are recommended to take these classes twice per week.

  • Grade 1 Ballet (7 yrs+) 
  • Grade 2 Ballet (8 yrs+ / 9 yrs+)
  • Grade 3 Ballet (9 yrs+)
  • Grade 4 Ballet (10 yrs+)
  • Grade 5 Ballet (10 yrs+)
  • Performance Ballet (10 yrs+)


Non-Exam Classes

If your dancer is not motivated by examinations, CDM has got you covered with these classes:

  • Primary Foundations Ballet (5-6 yrs): This class is a non-exam ballet class that allows students to learn at their own pace without any undue pressure. Just as with regular ballet classes, this class teaches from content based on the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary and Primary Syllabus.
  • Teen Ballet (11 yrs+): Learn the fundamentals of Classical ballet in this non-exam class. Dance students of this class will enjoy a great form of exercise where they can develop their flexibility, core strength and grace.
  • Adult Ballet & Absolute Beginner Adult Ballet: CDM also offers ballet lessons for adult dancers! No matter your skill level, we have a ballet class that is right for you!


Advanced Classes

As a testament to our quest for excellence, our ballet school also offers advanced ballet classes. CDM classes are specifically designed for advanced ballet dancers and can properly meet the needs of elite dance students who are a part of our competitive dance program:

  • Intermediate Foundation Ballet
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Intermediate Variations & Pointe
  • Advanced 1 Ballet
  • Advanced 2 Ballet
  • Advanced Ballet
  • Advanced Ballet Variations

Are you interested in dance classes for your child? Browse through CDM’s list of ballet classes to see which class is right for your child! And if you have any questions, please contact us if you need to know more!