Why Your Preschooler Should Enrol In Summer Dance Classes

Summer is a great time for parents to enrol their little ones into preschool dance classes. As specialized and shortened versions of other regular classes, these preschool dance classes make for an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

This July, CDM Dance & Music offers Kinder Stars Dance (ballet, jazz acro combo) and Creative Dance & Music 3-4yrs. In August, we will be hosting preschool classes for Kinder Stars Dance (ballet, jazz, acro combo), Creative Dance & Music 3-4yrs, Preschool Hiphop, and Tots Movement & Music (all dates and times at bottom).

Our preschool classes offer a wide range of benefits for participants and their parents. Here’s why:

Start Them Off Young

A top concern for parents regarding preschool dance classes is that their child is too young. But parents shouldn’t worry; at CDM Dance & Music, we offer preschool dance classes that cater to children as young as 2.5 years old

Our experienced team of professionals know how to care for your young one by creating a safe learning environment. We specialize in teaching young children in a way that emphasizes fun and keeps the focus on development.

Preschool Preparation

Summer is a great time to relax, but it’s also a great time to prepare. For parents of young children below the age of 5, this specifically means the fall’s upcoming preschool classes.

If you are apprehensive about leaving your child at a preschool, summer dance classes are a great way to ease separation anxiety. Our classes are often the first time our participants have been in a classroom setting. Even with mom and dad close by, this situation is ideal for building independence in your child by placing them in our safe and controlled environment.

Shorter Commitment

Busy parents with hectic schedules will find summer dance classes more manageable with their 

shorter course length. Our summer preschool classes are scheduled into two short sessions: July 5 to 31, and August 3 to 28. This makes for less commitment for parents, and is a good way to try out dance classes and see if they suit your child. Not only that, CDM programming is also pro-rated; this means you are able to hop into classes even after they’ve started.

As summer is also the time for vacations, CDM understands that your schedule may not fit ours. We warmly accommodate families that won’t be able to attend certain classes by offering make-up classes throughout the summer in all dance forms.

Childhood Development Skills

A discussion about preschool dance classes won’t be complete without bringing up their main function: to help develop important childhood skills in preschoolers.

In our structured classroom setting, your young one will participate in activities that help promote the development of discipline, focus, listening, and motor skills. It creates a safe place where children can become more connected to their bodies through creative movement and dance. These activities will help lay the foundation for learning more mature skills, and may even promote a lifelong love for dancing!

In short, preschooler dance classes are an effective way to provide developmental opportunities for your child and boost their confidence at the same time.

Novel Summer Themes 

With its patios and barbecues, summer clearly has its own flavour, something also replicated in our summer classes. CDM offers a varied course selection that features special themes that cater to the season.

To help celebrate the season, CDM offers a preschool hiphop class to help your preschooler feel the beat of the music. As well, we offer a dance class called Kinder Stars that introduces your preschooler to ballet, jazz & acrobatic movement into an enjoyable growing experience. 

If ballet and imagination are more your style, why not try Tots Movement & Music or Creative Dance & Music? Parents, are you looking for a bonding experience? In September, explore along with them in a Parents & Tots class for children as young as 24 months.

Building Friendships

An overlooked part of preschool dance classes is how they provide a chance for your child to make friends. Instead of being surrounded by older relatives, this activity provides a chance for your young one to meet people their own age that they can relate to on a one-to-one basis.

That’s why preschool dance classes are great for building social skills. Participants step outside the comfort zone of their family, and have the chance to meet people their own age. Through regular participation, they may even become familiar with some of them and learn to make new friends.

Important “Me” Time

We know that as a caring parent, you’re devoted to your children. And, considering all the time you spend with them, it’s important that you also set aside time for yourself.

Even in a situation where you’re attending with your child and are located just steps away, a preschool dance class takes the responsibility of parenting off your shoulders. It makes for a situation where you don’t have to worry; parents can take a much-needed breather to recharge. For what it’s worth, “me” time isn’t selfish if you devote your remaining time to others.

Are you interested in enrolling your child into preschool dance class? Here are the preschool dance classes offered by CDM Music & Dance this summer:

  • Kinder Stars Dance (ballet, jazz acro combo): July 10–31, Saturdays 10:15–11AM
  • Creative Dance & Music 3-4yrs: July 5–August 1, Tuesdays 4–4:45PM
  • Kinder Stars Dance (ballet, jazz, acro combo): August 7–28, Saturdays 10:15–11AM
  • Creative Dance & Music 3-4yrs: August 3–24, Tuesdays 4–4:45PM 
  • Preschool Hiphop: August 7–28, Saturdays 11:10–11:50AM
  • Tots Movement & Music: August 7–28, Saturdays 9:30–10:10AM

Check out the full lineup on our website! Be sure to sign up soon; class sizes are limited, and enrollment is sure to fill up quickly!